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We use products designed to protect your family and pets.


At JP Pests Away, we believe in choice and value. We know our customers want flexible service options that can accommodate their budget, their needs, and their schedules, We offer a wide range of service plans that can suit your current pest control needs and exceed your expectations.

We have a range of pest control services:
• Every other month packages (most popular)
• Quarterly packages
• Monthly exterior only service packages

(Interior option available as an add on if you have pest issues inside the establishment)

Although JP Pests Away is not a budget service provider, we know our customers need affordable products and services. We strive to provide the best value we can by offering high quality, effective services at reasonable rates. Any company can offer cheaper services, but please keep in mind that the most expensive treatment is the one that fails to do it’s job!

We don’t pretend to offer the lowest priced service you can find, but you can be assured that the price you pay for the JP Pests Away service will represent true value.

Products designed to protect your family and pets


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Timely response & service on your schedule

Honest, consistent work with a focus on quality


From the moment you contact our office, you can expect excellent customer service. You will be greeted by a friendly staff member eager to schedule an appointment for a pest control specialist to drop by for an in-home pest evaluation.

During every evaluation, we will ask questions about your concerns regarding any current pest problems you may have or suspect. Next, we will perform an evaluation or your home or property to determine which services will most effectively address your concerns and the individual nature of the property.

No two homes or concerns are the same, and our service plan should be as individual as your home. With a “one size fits all” approach, you are often forced to pay for services that you don’t need or pay a higher “a la carte” price on the ones you do need. At JP Pests Away, you can be sure the services you receive are the ones you actually need, all at a price that represents true value.

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